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What is integromat?

Integromat is a fantastic platform where you can connect all sorts of apps together to create an automation.

BotSumo has its own app on Integromat you can use to do a whole variety of actions. Here is how you can add the BotSumo app to your Integromat account.

Connecting SilFer Bots to integromat

When on your dashboard go to Menu -> Settings -> Integrations -> search for Integromat and press the button. It will open a new tab and you will be taken to Integromat where you can add the app to your inventory. Once done you will be able to use it on the account you are logged into.

A more direct way to this app in Integromat would be by pressing the following link https://www.integromat.com/en/apps/invite/c44cafac851d48e871800e834019a8ec

Adding your API key

After you’ve added the BotSumo app to your Integromat account you need to add your API key in for the first time. Just give the connection a name and insert your API key from BotSumo.

You can find the API key by going to your main menu -> settings -> integrations tab.

How to use the Integromat trigger inside your flow builder

When you want to trigger Integromat inside your flow builder you only have to go to actions and search for Trigger Integromat. From here you will choose a name for the event. Once done you can go to your Integromat scenario and search for that event.

It looks like this;

Triggers inside of Integromat

You also have other triggers that you can set up inside of Integromat itself. It can listen to many triggers that happen inside of BotSumo from where you can build your entire automation on.

Watch triggers inside of Integromat
Integromat watch triggers for SilFer Bots
SilFer Bots actions inside of SilFer Bots

And of course, we have the main actions we can use just like in the flow builder itself like adding/removing a tag, clear/set custom field, and much more

When selecting the add tag or set custom field action, Integromat will load all the tags and custom fields from your account so you can easily choose which one you want to add or update.

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