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General Settings

This tab in the settings section holds the common customization settings properties of your messenger chatbot. You can change/edit/remove messenger chatbot operations here.

The general settings in the BotSumo platform look like as shown in the image below.

General Settings - SilFer Bots

In this General Settings,

Welcome Message – Welcome Messages are the first text message which receives when a new subscriber comes to your messenger inbox. You can build your own welcome messages as per your need. Read this article to know more: Welcome Messages.

Default Reply – Default replies are the texts sent by your messenger chatbot when it can’t understand the user’s question or replies. Default replies are also customizable and you can use three default replies for a messenger chatbot. To know how to use this feature on your messenger chatbot, learn here: Default Reply.

Supported Language – You can build your messenger chatbot in any language that is supported by Facebook. It will help you to reach your subscribers in their native language. But our eCommerce module is limited with the following languages for now.

  1. English, 
  2. Dutch, 
  3. French, 
  4. German, 
  5. Italian, 
  6. Portuguese, 
  7. Romanian, and 
  8. Spanish.

Max. Day in Live Chat – You can keep your audience on the live chat as many days as you want. So, use this field to set how many days you want to keep your subscriber in the live chat by default. You can disable live chat manually at the audience section manually at any time.

Bot Profile – This feature lets you change the profile image of your messenger chatbot occasionally. Generally, the profile image and name of your messenger chatbot will be the same as your Facebook business page. To know how to change the bot profile image and name for special occasions, read this knowledge article: Bot Profile.

Greeting – Greetings are similar like welcome messages, but it will appear before the user clicks the “Get Started” button. You can use this feature to tell your audience about business and your services. Check this article, Greeting Messages to know more about this feature.

Icebreakers – Ice breakers are another important feature that can help your subscribers to initiate the conversation with your business and messenger bot. It is a substitute for the greeting message feature. Read this knowledge base article, Icebreakers to know how to use this for your messenger chatbot.

Development Mode – Enable this feature to pause your messenger chatbot when you are working or building additional blocks on your messenger chatbot. Your bot will work only for bot admins.

Reconnect Bot – You will always need to click this button if the person who made the connection changes the password of his Facebook account. Also if the Bot isn’t responding it is because the FB invalidated the connection for some reason, in which case it needs to reconnect again.

Delete Bot – This field is to delete your messenger chatbot and its details completely from our BotSumo platform. Note that it can be undone again, you messenger chatbot and its details will be erased permanently for our platform.

Hope this article helps you to know about “General Settings” on BotSumo platform.

If you have any other doubts or queries, visit other articles on the knowledge base or interaction with our community or contact our support to get your doubts cleared.

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