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In this setting section, you can manage your team and their access level with the BotSumo platform. You can add & remove team members, upgrade & downgrade access level to them in this section. 

In the BotSumo platform, you can get four kinds of admin access level to give that to your team members. They are, 

  • Super Admin – Basically, chatbot admin access.
  • Full Permission – All permission to the platform, except admin access.
  • Partial Permission – Can only manage flows & other things that they created themselves.
  • No Permission – Only access for dashboard and analytics.

With these four permissions, you can choose which role that your team members have and what can they access inside the BotSumo platform.

types of team permission - silfer bots

Read this knowledge base article, if you want to know “How to Add Admin?”

Hope this article helps you to know more about “Admin Settings” on BotSumo platform.

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