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In this article, you are going to know more about the functional components of the BotSumo. Let’s know about action, user input, condition, randomizer, and dynamic block features in this messenger marketing platform.


Most important and needed block on the flow builder for your messenger chatbot. It has a lot of options and features to take your messenger marketing automation to the next level. This block can be divided into three types of actions:

  1. Bot Actions
  2. Integration Actions,
  3. eCommerce Actions

Let’s see more about the above said three kinds of action types which BotSumo holds within.

Bot Actions

This action is the general type can be used for all types of messenger chatbot operations like marketing, sales, customer service, etc. 

Let’s see more in detail now.

Add/Remove Tag

These action tag options are used for segmenting your subscribers on the messenger chat flow.

This article will help you to learn more: Tags

Custom Field

Custom field works as a data storage feature inside the messenger chatbot. You can use build the persona using the messenger chatbot and this custom field feature in BotSumo platform.

To learn more: Custom field

Notify Admins:

Note: This is a PRO feature.

What if your subscribers have to talk to the human from your business or you need to know when a new product got sold inside the messenger chatbot?

Well, this option will help you to get the notification from your messenger chatbot when it’s needed.

Here is this notify admin setup, select from the drop-down or type the admin name and also the message that you want to get when you need to get notified on some messenger operations.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe Sequence

It can be used on the messenger chat flow to add or remove a subscriber to the sequence which you made earlier.

Start Another Flow

This action allows the messenger chatbot to continue the conversation with another flow when required.

You have to choose the created flow through the drop-down in the setup wizard to make it work.

Start Another Step

It works the same as the previous option, but here you can only able to link the steps inside the flow.

You have to choose the existing step on the flow through the drop-down in the setup wizard to make it work.

Enable/Disable Live Chat

Live chat option will allow the subscriber to chat with the human agent and you can enable or disable this option anywhere on the flow as per your need.

Enable/Disable Message Composer

Message composer is a text box on the Facebook messenger platform where we type our replies. 

You can enable/disable the message composer on your messenger chatbot flow to make it more easy for your subscribers to navigate using the buttons you provide.

Read this knowledge article to know more: How to Enable/Disable Message Composer?

Set User Persistent Menu

You can customize the user persistent menu on the user level and flow level. It will bring multiple possibilities for customization.

Select the “set User Persistent Menu” and choose the existing customised menu you had or create a new menu which matches the current flow.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Bot

This action is used to subscribe or unsubscribe your user on your messenger chatbot.

Date & Time Format

If you are dealing with customers from multiple countries then this option will help you give your audience the better interaction with your messenger chatbot.

This option will help you to change the Messenger’s default time to the other formats as per your requirements.

To know more about this feature, check the article here: How can I format date & time?

Integration Actions

These kinds of action types can be used when you try to connect or transmit information between your integrations with your messenger chatbot on BotSumo platform.

Note: You have to integrate the respective platforms with SiFer Bots to do the below actions.

Google Sheets Action – It can be used to send, receive and edit the data from your messenger chatbot to the Google sheets automatically without using Zapier.

Trigger Zap – If you want to connect your messenger chatbot with other applications use trigger zap (Zapier) action.

Trigger Integromat – It also works the same as the previous action, but in not in Zapier platform but in Integromat platform.

Facebook Custom Audience – This action type is to push the particular subscriber to the Facebook custom audience so that you can target them with Ads.

Add user to MailChimp – With this action type, you can add the subscriber to your MailChimp campaigns.

Add User to Active Campaign – This action is to add a user to your ActiveCampaign email campaigns.

Add user to Moosend – It will help you to add subscribers to your Moosend campaigns.

Add user to PipeDrive – You can add the subscribers directly to your PipeDrive CRM with this action type.

Add user to PlatformLy – This action tab can ale to send the user to your PlatformLy CRM automatically on the messenger chat flow.

Add user to GetResponse – Add your messenger subscribers to Get Response email campaigns automatically using messenger chatbots.

Add user to MailerLite – Another email auto-responder to reach and connect with your audience through Omni-channel approach.

Add user to Klaviyo – Add the messenger subscriber to your email campaigns build on Klaviyo using this action type.

Add user to LeadSquared – This action will help you to add the subscriber details as a lead on your CRM build in LeadSquared.

eCommerce Actions

Some of the actions are used (particularly) for eCommerce operations. It will help you to add more power to your sales with messenger chatbots.

Clear Shopping Cart

You can use this action to remove the products which are added on your subscriber’s shopping cart. It will remove all the products on your subscriber’s shopping cart while buying products from your messenger chatbot.

Apply Coupon Code

This action applies a coupon code to the subscriber’s cart inside Messenger chat flow. It can be helpful for eCommerce businesses to boost their sales online with the help of messenger chatbot.

apply coupon code - silfer bots

Hope this article helps you to understand more about “Action” block in the BotSumo chat flow builder.

If you have any other doubts or queries, visit other articles on the knowledge base or ask the community to get help or contact our support to get your doubts cleared.

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